Misha Design to introduce their Porsche 911 body kit at SEMA

Posted on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 , 11:10:14 byEmil

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Misha Design to introduce their Porsche 911 body kit at SEMA

Misha Design have announced their intention to release a new styling kit for the Porsche 911. The tuned body kit will be introduced during the SEMA Show taking place next month between the 5th and the 8th of November. The tuning house have already released official photos with the Porsche 911 body kit.

The upgraded body kit is already available for purchase. The customers can now pre order it and they will have it delivered after its official presentation during the SEMA Show. If still in doubt whether to buy it or not, customers can first see the body kit at the iForged / Forgestar booth.

The Misha Designs body kit includes redesigned side skirts,a ventilated hood and a new front bumper. The kit also brings a rear spoiler and a rear bumper with diffuser. A number of parts from the body kit can also be ordered in carbon fiber. These include the wing blade, the front bumper lip and the diffuser.

The soon to come Misha Designs body kit is available for the whole range of Porsche 911 (both standard and wide body versions) from 2012 to present. The body kit parts `bolt on directly to factory mounting points`. Although customers can opt only for selected individual parts, Misha Design tuning house recommends `using the entire kit for the best look.`

In other news, Porsche is rumored to release the 911 Targa during the North American International Auto Show. The new vehicle comes with a fully automatic roof system for a most pleasant driving experience. Porsche fans look forward for the auto show, set to take place between the 19th and 26th of January next year in order to find out how does the mechanism for the roof system actually work, as this aspect was not detailed by the manufacturer.