Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine announced

Posted on Wednesday, 9 October 2013 , 15:10:28 byEmil

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Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine announced

Hyundai has released details about their new Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine.

The eccentric vehicle will make its debut tomorrow, the 10th of October at New York Comic- Con. A few months ago, Robert Kirkman, the master behind The Walking Dead comic series, designed a Zombie Survival Machine inspired from the Hyundai Veloster hatchback. Since the comic series lead to successful television series which became popular worldwide, Hyundai encouraged their zombie apocalypse fans to create yet another vehicle capable of facing the living dead.

Now, Anson Kuo, a TWD fan from Arizona designed a new Zombie Survival Machine based on the Santa Fe. Kuo used The Walking Dead Shop configurator designed by Hyundai and INNOCEAN USA to create the winning vehicle from more than 82.500 submissions. The concept was constructed by Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), an American dealership/ automobile repair shop specialized in customizing vehicles.

As a survival vehicle designed to fight against the living dead the vehicle is equipped with a samurai sword, three machine guns, an automatic crossbow, aluminum armor as well as knife blades and a muffler silencer. The concept vehicle features a generous cargo area for supplies and other unexpected passengers the driver might pick along the way. Anson Kuo opted for knives to be used as a main weapon in order not to waste precious space with large ammunition supplies. The manufacturer states that: `This Hyundai will be a true zombie obliterator.`

Participants at the Comic- Con can take pictures of the Zombie Survival Machine which will be showcased in the Future US booth. Fans will be allowed to jump inside the car for a better observation of all its features. Furthermore, the booth visitors will be welcomed by a zombie make-up artist and could leave with limited edition giveaways.

Steve Shannon, vice president of Hyundai Motor America stated that: `We love Anson Kuo’s take on this Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine – it’s creative… and deadly.`

Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine announced image Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine announced image
Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine announced image