Mercedes-Benz GLA imagined as a three door vehicle

Posted on Thursday, 10 October 2013 , 06:10:54 byTheodora

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Mercedes-Benz GLA imagined as a three door vehicle

Some time ago, drawing cars used to be a hobby for many teenagers, especially boys. But as years passed, new ways of spending time have appeared, these including the computer. And some of the drawing passionate became digital passionate. This is the case with Theophilus Chin, the name that developed a pleasure for designing cool potential vehicles. He has a true ability in surprising the car fans with its imagination. The latest vehicle he thought of is the recently introduced Mercedes-Benz GLA, which he imagines as a three door version.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most complex and impressive car manufacturers in the world and lately it began to fill a lot of blanks in the auto market and this could very easily continue with a three door version of the GLA. And why not? It would be a pretty damn good rival for the three door Range Rover Evoque. The GLA is a high-riding A-Class with a more muscular body, bigger alloys, roof rails, a dual exhaust arrangement, tailgate-mounted spoiler and an almost identical interior cabin. The three door variant, however, could get a more sloping roofline to create a more appealing coupe appearance although the rear passenger headroom will be reduced.

Although Theophilus Chin digitally imagined a future vehicle, Mercedes-Benz needs more than that to act. The Germans are probably waiting to see if the five door GLA will turn out to be a success. Only after confirmation comes, they will take into account creating a two door GLA. Until then, the crossover will be available starting the end of November. Car delivery will begin early in 2014.

Mercedes-Benz GLA imagined as a three door vehicle image Mercedes-Benz GLA imagined as a three door vehicle image