Toyota GT 86 sedan close to approval

Posted on Saturday, 12 October 2013 , 05:10:29 byTheodora

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Toyota GT 86 sedan close to approval

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that has high expectations. It has unique ideas to design amazing cars and to satisfy even the most difficult client. One of their representative models is the Toyota GT 86 which has been long expected by everyone until it was released. Maybe this is why the company emphasizes it so much lately. After creating a Cup Edition, then the Griffon Project, or the rumour about a hybrid version, the Japanese are now close to green light a sedan variant of the vehicle.

A little time ago there were also rumours about a Toyota GT 86 cabriolet, but they haven’t been confirmed. More than that everything seems to contradict the idea of such a version. Toyota has though of manufacturing a sedan variant of the GT 86 instead. Being more practical, the car will get a 100mm extended wheelbase to offer more room for the passengers sitting at the back.  Sources inside the company admit that there are huge chances to see such a version on the roads soon.

And if hybrid engines are fashionable these days, the Toyota GT 86 sedan will receive this setup which will enable it to generate 268 bhp (200 kW). There is a great chance that the future car will have an F1 inspired KERS system which will have the task of recovering kinetic energy under braking. It is very likely that the sedan will have its official debut in March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show.