Toyota to eschew the down-sizing trend, offer larger displacement engines

Posted on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 , 19:10:50 byEmil

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Toyota to eschew the down-sizing trend, offer larger displacement engines

Toyota and Lexus informed that they have different versions of turbocharged engines under development at the moment. This initiative came as the manufacturer wishes to be strong competitor on a market where engines and gearboxes technology is constantly improving in order to be as efficient as possible for their buyers.  Senior managing officer, Koei Saga, the person responsible for the company`s development in the drivetrain r&d segment, stated that the company is currently investing big money for developing turbocharged engines and fixed and variable gear automatic transmission. Furthermore, the company also invested for the development of new fuel cell technologies. The statement was made during a discussion with a well known automotive news e-magazine.

Although this is a very important initiative for the manufacturer, it seems that the new engines are not expected to have a very strong impact on the company`s lineup. As an alternative, Saga informed that in his opinion the Atkinson-cycle engines will be more successful. These types of engines proved to be high performance while at the same time maintaining low fuel consumption.

Of course, Koei Saga admitted that the larger Atkinson engines can not output the same horsepower as regular internal combustion technology engines but thinks that this disadvantage can be compensated by the enhanced fuel economy. The senior manager did not provide the horsepower expectations that the company has for their new engines, instead he shared his personal belief that using the turbocharged technology is not what `makes the world better`

The manufacturer also thinks about developing a water steam injection turbo engine that will enhance fuel efficiency even more. Saga acknowledges however that this kind of technology will take a long time for development before actually being used for production.

Concerning their new Prius Plug-in lineup, Saga informed that the vehicles will be equipped with a lithium-ion battery and also that no automotive manufacturer would even consider development of electric vehicles if it wasn`t for the government`s intervention.