2015 Toyota hydrogen vehicle to have 136 HP - report

Posted on Thursday, 17 October 2013 , 22:10:14 byEmil

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2015 Toyota hydrogen vehicle to have 136 HP - report

Toyota has now given details about their new hydrogen vehicle concept which is to be launched in 2015.

Hydrogen fuel technology emits only water vapors which are no hazard to the environment, furthermore, this technology has been used in the spacecraft industry for more than fifty years. In order to make their vehicles appeal to the everyday drivers, automotive manufacturers are striving to deliver the most cost efficient consumption by reducing the cost of fuel cells to its minimum.

The hydrogen fuel cell technology has been under development for quite a while now therefore, Baum & Associates` auto analyst, Alan Baum informed that:  `I see fuel cells as a technology for the decade of the 2020s, with a small but growing ramp-up in the first half of the decade, not unlike what we are seeing now with EVs`.

The Toyota hydrogen vehicle is based on the FCV-R concept which was unveiled during the Tokyo Motor Show two years ago in 2011. The new cars is set to make its debut during the same Auto Show in another two year`s time and it will be a revised version of a platform that combines the Lexus HS 250h and the Toyota Sai.

The Japanese manufacturer was reluctant into revealing details regarding the vehicle`s performances. However, the output is expected to be of approximately 136 HP (100 kW). Toyota`s hydrogen vehicle will carry somewhere around five Kg of compressed hydrogen. Due to the hydrogen load, the vehicle will be able to travel approximately 500 Km (311 miles) with one fillup. The hydrogen fuel technology is not time consuming for the end drivers as an empty tank can be fully filled in only three minutes.

Pricing is expected to be around $50,000 and although Toyota has not yet set a target of sold units they expect the numbers to be of tens of thousands cars sold by 2020.

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