Toyota Aqua Air concept planned for Tokyo

Posted on Thursday, 14 November 2013 , 11:11:25 byTheodora

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Toyota Aqua Air concept planned for Tokyo

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that has high expectations. It has unique ideas to design amazing cars and to satisfy even the most difficult client. And innovation could anytime be its nickname as new ideas are always developed. Such a project is the Toyota Aqua Air concept, which is about to be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

A couple of days ago, Toyota presented the official lineup which is going to be present at the Tokyo Motor Show. A great number of new elements and improved ideas are included in the vehicles that compose the lineup. However, nothing was mentioned about the Aqua Air concept. The future concept might be powered by the same hybrid powertrain as the Aqua G Sports, with an Atkinson-cycle 1.5-liter gasoline engine, an electric motor and a CVT gearbox. The vehicle will have a combined output of 100 HP (73.5 kW) and the fuel consumption will be of just 2.82 liters / 100 km (83.4 mpg US or 100 mpg UK).

The Aqua Air concept is 157 inches (3990mm) long, 66.5 inches (1690mm) wide and 56.7 inches (1440mm) tall. Its wheelbase measures 100.4 inches (2550mm). So this makes it perfect for the B-segment of the auto field. Compared to the mentioned Aqua G Sports, this one looks more attractive. No other information is available on the matter but the reveal date is coming soon.

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