US-spec Volkswagen e-Golf to debut in Los Angeles, will go on sale in late 2014

Posted on Thursday, 14 November 2013 , 19:11:05 byEmil

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US-spec Volkswagen e-Golf to debut in Los Angeles, will go on sale in late 2014

Volkswagen announced their intentions to showcase their new e-Golf during the Los Angeles Auto Show programmed to take place between the 22nd of November and the 1st of December. The vehicle will go on sale in the first quarter 2014 in a few selected states from the US.

Under the hood, the Volkswagen e-Golf has an electric motor powered by a 24.2 kWh lithium- ion liquid cooled battery. The electric motor has an output of 115 HP (85 kW) and a 269 Nm (199 lb - ft) peak torque. The motor is mated to a single speed EQ270 transmission and the two actually form a single compact unit within the car. Both the transmission and the motor were developed in-house at Volkswagen`s plant from Kassel, Germany. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 KM/ h) in an estimated time of 10.4 seconds before reaching it electronically limited maximum speed of 87 mph (140 KM/ h). The travelling autonomy offered by the battery depends on the charging behavior and driving style and is somewhere between 70 to 90 miles (112 to 144 Km) with one charge.

Concerning the recharge time for a fully depleted battery, this is of roughly 20 hours using a conventional 11/ 120 V electrical socket. Quite a long time if you stay and think about it. However, the recharging time is dropped down less than four hours when using a 220V wall socket. Furthermore, for a quick boost of electricity, a DC Fast Charging station offers an 80 per cent charged battery in approximately a half an hour.

The Volkswagen e-Golf features energy efficient LED headlights, a premiere on a US spec Volkswagen. Furthermore, the auto rides on 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels and comes with a C shaped LED DRL signature on the revised front bumper.