Porsche Macan rendered

Posted on Saturday, 23 November 2013 , 05:11:58 byTheodora

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Porsche Macan rendered

The automobile field is one with millions of fans worldwide and this is a sure thing. Well, we can divide these fans into two categories, the ones who just admire the latest vehicles wondering where the concept idea came and the ones who not only analyze the existing cars but also use their imagination to design the way next models could possibly look like. X-Tomi Design is a group of passionate designers from the last category. They grasped the public’s attention with their recent project, a 2014 Porsche Macan envisioned without the back doors.

Former projects of X-Tomi Design were based on the MINI, which was seen as a coupe, then a roadster, and even as a convertible. Now, they impress with their sportier Macan, losing the rear doors. Back in 2011 the Macan was known under the codename Cajun. It was just the baby Cayenne and everything was leading to the fact that it would only have three doors when it went out. Well, that didn’t happen, as you are pretty aware of. If Porsche didn’t take the chance of building something like that, at least X-Tomi Design imagined one for us.

There are many persons who believe that among all the three doors SUVs this is one of the best looking and considering the performance statistics on the current Macan, it might attract a certain segment of fans. However, if Porsche skipped the idea once, it definitely won’t go back to it. The Porsche officials probably consider that the risk of failure is raised, as usually people are keen of regular SUV models.

Porsche Macan rendered image