Audi Q1 teased, goes into production in 2016

Posted on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 , 06:12:37 byEmil

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Audi Q1 teased, goes into production in 2016

Audi announced their intentions to build an entry level crossover which will be added to the `Q` range starting with 2016. The new model is designed as a part of the company`s `broad-based SUV strategy` and will follow `the basis of the modular transverse engine concept` as Chairman of the Board of management of Audi AG, Rupert Stadler stated. The Q1 is set to increase Audi`s international competitiveness as the automaker`s goals are to are to offer more than 60 models by 2020 and to hit more than two million units sold each year.

Just like the current A3, A3 Sportback and the A4 and A5 family, the new Audi Q1 will be produced in Inglostadt, Germany. The decision of building the vehicle in Inglostadt is proof that although the current trend is the internationalization of the Audi Group, this will not affect the plants in Germany, but secure the existing employees` jobs for the future. Chairman of the General Work Council, Peter Mosch encourages the company`s decision to continue using the Inglostadt plant: `This is a clear commitment to Ingolstadt as a production site. We will continue to make all efforts to develop the plant even further as the leading technological site of the Audi Group`.

Although Audi did not give details concerning the 2016 entry level cross over, the picture provided shows an pronounced grille and specially designed headlights as well as beefy fenders. Since the company was reluctant into offering more details, we can only speculate at the moment. Therefore, rumor has it that the Q1 might be based on the Volkswagen Polo. Regarding the engine options, it is possible for the crossover to be powered by a 1.4 liter TFSI or 1.4 liter TDI. Furthermore, following the current cost effective/ environment friendly tendencies, we could even expect a hybrid version of the Q1.