Holden about to reach dead end in Australia

Posted on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 , 10:12:21 byTheodora

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Holden about to reach dead end in Australia

We might say that Holden is the national car producer of Australia and it can provide about anything the market requires, from SUVs and trucks to hatchbacks and sedans. Despite the place it has on the Australian continent it seems that General Motors, the mother-company, has decided to put an end to the production of Holden on the kangaroos’ continent. And they made this as clear as possible through a press release that confirms the fact that by the end of 2017 it will all be finished for Holden.

Back in May, Australia was stroke by the news that Ford will stop car production in the country. Holden officials stated that they are not having trouble so the company will still be manufacturing their vehicles on Australian ground. However, they have done some calculus that must have changed their minds and Holden will reach dead end by 2017. This means that 1,600 persons will lose their jobs at the Elizabeth plant and 1,300 at the Victorian factory.

Australia seems to be an unfavorable territory for car makers to develop their brands. Ford and now Holden have made clear the future plans. Toyota is another great name that could follow the other two and withdraw from the Australia. They are still uncertain if the next-generation Camry will be built there. Some questions should be raised for the Australian officials.

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