Audi promises 11 new models

Posted on Monday, 16 December 2013 , 11:12:59 byTheodora

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Audi promises 11 new models

For the German company Audi, sustainability is an important goal in order to continue functioning economically, protect the environment and guarantee a livable future for generations to come. The four rings brand is one of the top and, at the same time, one of the most famous car producers in the world. Starting with SUVs, sedans, coupes they’ve got everything a respectable company needs. And according to the German chiefs they are planning to introduce 11 new models in the near future.

Currently, the Audi fleet contains 49 models and with the new 11, the total of 60 vehicles will do nothing else but to position the brand in the top of the best in the world. Audi is living a success story which will add a new chapter with the new coming models. The officials working for the German company admit that they will be more focused on the SUV segment and especially in the full size category of vehicles.

The SUV segment is continuously developing because the request is so high. Audi has made clear the intensions of introducing a Q1 in 2016. Besides this, a number of crossovers could invade the market, such as the Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8. The full size category might include the expected A9 which might be a coupe, but also an Allroad sedan. Only this year, Audi sold more than1.5 million vehicles. So, without any doubts, Audi is among the top rated companies in the auto world.