Opel Tigra rendered

Posted on Thursday, 2 January 2014 , 13:01:16 byTheodora

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Opel Tigra rendered

The automobile field is one with millions of fans worldwide and this is a sure thing. Well, we can divide these fans into two categories, the ones who just admire the latest vehicles wondering where the concept idea came and the ones who not only analyze the existing cars but also use their imagination to design the way next models could possibly look like. X-Tomi Design is a group of passionate designers from the last category. They grasped the public’s attention with their recent project, a possible future version of the Opel Tigra.

X-Tomi Design probably thought to envision the Opel Tigra because it hasn’t been updated by the producer since quite a long time. The second generation Tigra was released back in 2004. It was inspired by its relative, the Opel Corsa. It came out as a coupe and as a convertible with two seats and a retractable top. It wasn’t pretty successful so it was declared an abandoned mission in 2009.

There are quite small chances that we will ever get to see a new generation Opel Tigra. However, X-Tomi Design offers a new look to what could a new Tigra. As already mentioned, the Tigra was based on the Opel Corsa model, which has always had plenty of success and maybe because of this the Tigra failed to do a great job. The artists from X-Tomi Design created an Adam based Opel Tigra. If this gets to reach the third generation only time will tell.