Subaru Levorg imagined as a hatchback

Posted on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 , 09:01:32 byTheodora

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Subaru Levorg imagined as a hatchback

Subaru has slowly but precisely made a name on the world’s cars market.  It is internationally famous for using the so called ‘boxer’ engine in most of its vehicles above 1500 cc. Rather conservatory, the company seems to have the desire to surprise the planet. The company presented a near-production version of the Subaru Levorg prototype and this is just enough to give Theophilus Chin a chance to imagine things.

The guy who is keen on computers, Theophilus Chin, digitally imagined a Subaru Levorg with a hatchback body style which seems a good alternative to the Impreza hatchback. The Subaru Levorg is nothing else but a wagon with a pleasant design, called by enthusiasts a “sports tourer”. As a premiere, the vehicle is covered in a Metallic Blue Grey Steel or a Pearl Crystal White paint. None of these were present on a Subaru vehicle in the past. The model was transformed into a hatchback by Chin and it looks fresh and more attractive compared to the Impreza hatchback.

Subaru hasn't given any clues about diversifying the Levorg lineup but chances are the styling of future models will be influenced by the Levorg which is now available in Japan, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the spring. Whether or not Subaru decides to adopt different body styles for the Levorg, remains to be seen. Till then, Theophilus Chin did quite a nice job in his digital illustration.

Subaru Levorg imagined as a hatchback image Subaru Levorg imagined as a hatchback image