Jaguar F-Type shooting brake rendered

Posted on Monday, 10 February 2014 , 17:02:18 byTheodora

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Jaguar F-Type shooting brake rendered

Jaguar is one of the most famous brands that is always one step away from its competitors with creating their own amazing cars. Jaguar is a spirit that can be found on the entire planet. The ultimate car that wears the brand’s signs is the high- performance Jaguar F- Type. And there are so many rumours regarding this new vehicle that every car fan must have heard. Theophilus Chin, the name that has a hobby from designing cool potential vehicles, is also familiar with them. And that’s why the last project he worked on is designing a potential Jaguar F-Type shooting brake.

There are slight chances of seeing a Jaguar F-Type shooting brake, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Chin to imagine it and us to enjoy looking at it. The possible model looks pretty attractive and it could be a more affordable variant to the Ferrari FF. Both vehicles would be able to carry enough cargo and also keeping the good looks. The plans that Jaguar has for the F-Type line only include the addition of a four-cylinder engine and the manufacturing of the RS and RS GT versions of the coupe. These should be released by the end of 2015.

Jaguar F-Type shooting brake rendered image Jaguar F-Type shooting brake rendered image