Bentley considers introducing an entry-level model

Posted on Thursday, 6 March 2014 , 21:03:01 byTheodora

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Bentley considers introducing an entry-level model

Bentley is, by all means, a name in the car industry associated with opulence and excess. Modesty is not one of their characteristics, especially because everything they do needs to be uncommon and the target is made of the upper class persons to whom luxury is a necessity. Kevin Rose, the Sales and Marketing Director from Bentley admitted that the Crewe company is considering another model.

The Bentley director, Kevin Rose also stated that the future planned vehicle might arrive before the end of the decade. Still, by 2020 the market could change radically and it is difficult to know its demands by that time. The British company wishes to develop a smaller car, but this, of course, doesn’t mean a cheaper one, as we all know that Bentleys do cost quite a lot.

The new Bentley should be ranged below the Continental GT. However its price should remain somewhere more than £100,000 ($167,220 / €120,900).Rumours also admit that the British are considering a range topping model that is supposed to be above the Mulsanne. Anyway, no matter of the future Bentleys, the vehicles will have to respect the two main features of the company, performance and luxuriousness.

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