Skoda Yeti gets faux fur exterior

Posted on Tuesday, 1 April 2014 , 05:04:01 byTheodora

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Skoda Yeti gets faux fur exterior

The Skoda Yeti is a five-door five-seater compact SUV model built by the Czech car manufacturer Skoda Auto. It was introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March, as the division's first entry into the popular SUV market. On the road or off road, impediments are for the Yeti a welcomed change. There is no problem if it runs over obstacles. The innovative technique and the sturdy construction of the Yeti, place the driver into a new dimension of driving experience. The manufacturer has just announced a special edition Skoda Yeti Ice.

The new Skoda Yeti Ice will come with a brand new developed faux fur exterior finish. This is created by the Skoda engineers working in the Himalayas. The Czech specialists state that the main advantage of the faux fur is its thickness which keeps the cabin warm and allowed company's test drivers to save fuel by turning off the heater even when testing the car in the cold climates of the Arctic Circle. This precise characteristic distinguishes this special Yeti from the other series.

The Skoda Yeti Ice was first created under the codename 010414. The Yeti Ice will be offered only as an addition to other models available with several customization options such as side-partings and fur extensions. The car comes equipped with a lifetime supply of Skoda-branded conditioner and shampoo, along with a comb & brush kit to properly maintain the faux fur. With this faux fur on, we can say that the vehicle will literally be a Yeti, specially prepared for the harsh conditions of winter.

Skoda Yeti gets faux fur exterior image Skoda Yeti gets faux fur exterior image