Honda prepares new concepts for Beijing

Posted on Tuesday, 8 April 2014 , 09:04:15 byTheodora

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Honda prepares new concepts for Beijing

Honda claims to be the power of dreams. On the whole, it is one of the most complex corporations in the world producing from motorcycles, trucks, planes, motorboats to robots and household items. In the auto field it is the fifth car manufacturer in the world and the brand is preparing two new concepts that will be among the ones that will increase the Honda fame around the world. We will get to see these models in a short while at the Beijing Motor Show in China.

The Beijing Motor Show is not accidentally chosen, because the two new models are especially developed for the Chinese market. One of them could be a 2+2 coupe featuring a raked windscreen and a sloping roofline combined with a kind of an overcrowded front fascia and a short rear overhang. Like many other concepts, it has some huge alloy wheels and instead of conventional side mirrors it seems to use cameras.

The second Honda concept that will be introduced in Beijing is a preview of the next generation Spirior (Accord), the third generation Honda Fit and a middle class SUV. Too many details are not known by now, but all vehicles will be officially introduced on 20th April in Beijing. So, with a bit more of patience, information will soon come out.

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