BMW M2 nears production phase

Posted on Thursday, 1 May 2014 , 08:05:13 byTheodora

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BMW M2 nears production phase

BMW is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world, having its already clear established name on every auto market. The BMW brand surely means great driving pleasure. Sporting and dynamic performance that mix with great design and unique quality illustrate the German company. New cars are continuously produced to face competition. BMW now has in plan a new BMW M2 version, which rumours say has been approved for production.

The BMW M2 will enter the production phase in the autumn of 2015 and later the same year, or at the beginning of 2016, the vehicle will be delivered to dealerships and clients. Trustful sources say that the vehicle will be powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that will produce around 370-380 PS (272-279 kW). This would turn the M2 44-54 PS (32-39 kW) into a more powerful car than the M235i Coupe which sprints from 0-100 km/h in as little as 4.8 seconds with the optional eight-speed automatic transmission. Well, nothing is sure until it is confirmed so we’d better wait for some new information.

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