Peugeot plans some crossovers

Posted on Monday, 19 May 2014 , 06:05:10 byTheodora

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Peugeot plans some crossovers

Did you happen to think that you’ve heard everything in matter of crossovers? Well, here’s more to come. Peugeot is officially thinking about introducing a small crossover, called the Peugeot 2008 RX, which will be available in a three-door configuration. And this is no surprise, as the crossover fans are more and more each day. People’s tastes in matter of vehicles are different and many of them prefer this type of cars. So it seems there is plenty of room left in the crossover segment.

Not long after Renault has released the information according to which they will manufacture the Renault Kwid, its French counterpart, Peugeot can’t remain a step behind. So they are planning a small crossover which will be called either the 2008 RX or the 1008. The vehicle will feature a three- door configuration and it will be 3900mm long. This makes it shorter by 300mm than the 2008 model.

Peugeot is hoping the official release will take place sometime in the summer of 2016. The engine configurations will be the same we can find on the 208 and 2008 models.  Besides this model, Peugeot is already working on the mid-sized 6008 crossover. This is going to debut in China, next year. The French manufacturer is also rumoured to build a 2008 DKR so we’ll get too heard more and more about the presence of Peugeot in the world’s auto markets.

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