Skoda CitiJet Concept to be presented in Worthersee

Posted on Sunday, 25 May 2014 , 05:05:49 byTheodora

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Skoda CitiJet Concept to be presented in Worthersee

The Worthersee GTI-Treffen is a huge car festival in Austria. It was originally aimed at Golf GTI enthusiasts but is now open to anything from the VAG stable. 2014 will mark the 33rd anniversary, and it shows no sign of ever stopping! Over 140,000 enthusiasts drive to it from all over Europe, it’s a huge celebration of modern European car tuning culture. It starts next week and one of the vehicles exhibited here is the Skoda CitiJet Concept.

The Worthersee festival is the place where the Skoda CitiJet Concept will have its world debut. The CitiJet doesn’t have to surprise anyone.  It is only the open-top version of the Citigo. It is the perfect city convertible, as the manufacturer likes to call it. Small, roomy enough and open are the features that might make it a successful vehicle for the urban life. The concept that goes for Worthersee is painted in blue and white. It rides on a set of 16 inch alloy wheels, has a hand-made rear spoiler and a bespoke exhaust system with two tailpipes.

The Skoda CitiJet Concept is powered by a 1.0 MPI petrol engine that generates 55 kW (75 PS). The interior of the Skoda CitiJet is inspired by the Citigo Sport special model. This means it is distinguished by a red-stitched, leather-lined three-spoke steering wheel, the seats and the matts are covered in a "Sport" material design, its dashboard matches the rest of the vehicle being finished in white and red. There is no rumour that this concept will ever enter production phase.  For the time being, the Czech manufacturer is just waiting the public opinion.

Skoda CitiJet Concept to be presented in Worthersee image Skoda CitiJet Concept to be presented in Worthersee image