Tesla Model S long wheelbase planned

Posted on Monday, 16 June 2014 , 07:06:48 byTheodora

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Tesla Model S long wheelbase planned

Tesla Motors is a company headquartered in one of the hottest points in the world, the Silicon Valley.  From there, it designs, then manufactures and of course sells electric cars and electric components. Tesla Model S is the fully electric luxury sedan created by the American brand, which is by any measure a truly remarkable vehicle. The Tesla Model S has somehow become one of the most wanted electric vehicles and the model beat all expectations. The company sold 4,750 units even though their target was 4,500 units sold. And now, surprise or not, the model will receive a long wheelbase derivative that might be introduced later this year.

The standard Tesla Model S measures 116.5 inch (2959mm) in wheelbase but there are a lot of chances to be extended in such a way as to offer more rear legroom for markets like China where this element has a major role. Although China is the main target, it will also be sold in United States and Europe as well and it is supposed to be launched before the Model X which is planned to enter production in 2015.

The Tesla Model S will have a longer wheelbase and as a consequence it will also gain some additional weight to the already 4,647 lbs of the standard version. A larger battery pack could also be added in order to satisfy the clients who buy electric cars that can provide a bigger range. Besides these, the team at Tesla is also working on an all-wheel drive version together with a high-speed model. The long wheelbase Tesla S might go on sale by the end of 2014.

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