Audi celebrates 25 years of TDI use

Posted on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 , 23:07:00 byTheodora

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Audi celebrates 25 years of TDI use

The four rings brand is one of the most famous in the world. Audi is a complex company having everything a successful car manufacturer needs and it is present in the most important auto markets. The company is continuously working on new projects and all of them, except the Audi R8, are power sourced by the TDI engine. And Audi has just reached the 25th year since TDI was introduced.

The Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) engine uses direct injection, where a fuel injector sprays atomised fuel directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder, rather than the pre-combustion chamber prevalent in older diesels which used indirect injection. The engine also uses forced induction by way of a turbocharger to increase the amount of air which is able to enter the engine cylinders, and most TDI engines also feature an intercooler to lower the temperature (and therefore increase the density) of the 'charged', or compressed air from the turbo, thereby increasing the amount of fuel that can be injected and combusted. These, in combination, allow for greater engine efficiency, and therefore greater power outputs. And as a consequence Audi branded vehicles are some of the most extraordinary.

Taking a look back in time, we discover that the TDI engine was introduced at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was a 2.5-liter TDI five-cylinder engine which developed 120 PS (88 kW) and 265 Nm (195 lb-ft) of torque. It allowed the Audi 100 to average 5.7 L/100km (41.2 mpg US / 49.5 mpg UK) and to reach a maximum speed of almost 200 km/h (124 mph). In 25 years’ time, till now, the TDI engine considerably improved and according to the German officials, its power and torque increased by over 100 per cent and emissions have fallen by 98 per cent. There are currently 156 TDI models in the Audi fleet. The Germans promise a plug-in hybrid using a TDI engine sometime in the future. Soon we will also see the company’s electric biturbo TDI engine. So, this engine type has got a lot of potential and Audi seems to be exploring it pretty damn well.