Volkswagen Golf 2019 MY under development

Posted on Monday, 18 August 2014 , 04:08:07 byTheodora

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Volkswagen Golf 2019 MY under development

The Volkswagen Golf is a compact car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since 1974, marketed worldwide across seven generations, in various body configurations and under various nameplates. Historically, the Golf is Volkswagen's best-selling model and the world's second best-selling model, so it’s no wonder everyone is expecting new generations of the model. And the next one is planned for 2019.

Although the new Volkswagen Golf is scheduled for debut in 5 years’ time, the German manufacturer has a pretty difficult task to accomplish. Because of the European Union CO2 emissions restrictions that are set to come into force in 2020, engineers will have to exploit every avenue they can on their high selling model. People also expect a lower body compared to the current generation but also the general style that makes the model instantly recognizable. The MQB platform will be used.

A great variety of new technologies will be implemented. The Flywheel system, already used by Volvo, is responsible to power the rear wheels of a front-wheel-drive car. It stores waste energy and could provide the Golf with up to 40bhp. The Coasting technology includes transmission decoupling as well as engine shutdown while cruising at speed, traveling downhill or slowing down. And last, but not least, the Electric turbochargers will be used, blowing air through the turbo while the engine is slowing down. This will prepare the turbo to produce full boost as soon as the accelerator is pressed. So, as it seems the Volkswagen Golf will still remain a top-selling vehicle once it gets out.