SVR plans a Land Rover Defender

Posted on Monday, 20 October 2014 , 14:10:36 byTheodora

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SVR plans a Land Rover Defender

Once you say Land Rover you instantly say sport utility vehicles. But the Land Rover is no ordinary SUV. It is luxurious by all means. And taking into account the origin country, Great Britain, it can’t be otherwise. The British brand has recently confirmed that new SVR models are about to be released and the first series will be inspired by the Defender.

Although the Land Rover Defender is kind of old, it attracts plenty of people. This is precisely why it receives the attention of Special Vehicle Operations, being the last special edition based on the model. The new limited edition is planned to be introduced next year. There are not too many information available yet. However SVR representatives say that the SUV will mix some features of the race-spec Camel Trophy and Paris-Dakar variants.

Other SVR vehicles are planned. The 500 workers at SVR at placed in four teams of experts: special vehicles, personalization, heritage and branded goods. So expect many high performance vehicles with SVR upgrading packages. More details will certainly emerge and we can enjoy them.

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