Lincoln cars great for self reflection in a quiet environment

Posted on Monday, 3 November 2014 , 18:11:07 byTheodora

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Lincoln cars great for self reflection in a quiet environment

The Lincoln Motor Company is a division of the Ford Motor Company that sells luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand. The current Lincoln model range in North America consists of two sedans, MKS and MKZ, three crossover utility vehicles, MKC, MKT and MKX, and two sport utility vehicles, Navigator, Navigator L. Lincoln also sells two vehicles specifically for limousine/livery use, both based on the MKT. In Mexico, Lincoln sells the Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck which is based on the Ford F-150. So the brand has a variety of vehicles, and besides their luxurious spirit, Lincoln pretends that the interiors of their cars are among the most quiet in the world.

Lincoln has just received a $5 billion investment and it will be nice to see what sections will they attack with this sum. However, the company’s officials are proud to state that their vehicles offer a high level of comfort thanks to many noise-reducing features which have allowed Ford's premium marque to sell some of the most quiet cars on road. Among the technologies applied on Lincolns we have to name sound-absorbing interior trim panels, noise-reducing material in the pillars, trim panels and carpets, acoustic and aero-designed mirrors which control the airflow across the side to lower cabin noise while the enhanced sealing below the door diminish the cabin noises even further.

There are some other important trick that reduce noise inside the Lincoln branded vehicles. The cars feature acoustic-laminate windshield and front side glass as well as specifically designed tires lowering road-induced low-frequency rumble. If silence you need, the Lincolns benefit of SYNC's "Do Not Disturb" feature blocking incoming phone calls and text messages, upgraded engine mounts and an active noise control system using speakers and microphones to analyze and capture sounds to generate inverted sound waves as a method to cancel out unwanted noise. So, if you wish to escape for a few hours from the daily problems, hop into your Lincoln and be sure that you’ll get the silence you need. You’ll just hear your thoughts.

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