Mazda2 wagon rendered

Posted on Monday, 24 November 2014 , 09:11:57 byTheodora

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Mazda2 wagon rendered

When you say Mazda you automatically think of Japan, a place where car manufacturers find a perfect environment to develop their business. Among all the existing car producers in Japan, Mazda makes itself recognizable by providing cars that are fun to drive. And the brand is one of the most surprising and innovative on the market. Maybe this is exactly why the digital expert Theophilus Chin is attracted to the Japanese branded vehicles. He has just realized a render for the Mazda2 wagon.

If a Mazda2 wagon would be manufactured it will have to compete with the Skoda Fabia Combi, Seat Ibiza ST and the future coming Hyundai i20 wagon. However, Mr. Chin’s render is not a plan of Mazda yet and it won’t be in the future as the Asian company doesn't have a wagon version of the bigger Mazda3 which would most likely be more popular in terms of sales than a Mazda2 estate.

The new Mazda2 is available on the market as a five-door hatchback but a few days back we’ve also seen a sedan version of it introduced in Thailand, a body style which is probably to be taken to Europe and Australia sometimes in the future, too. There's not even a rumour about adding a third body style but a hotter MPS version is being considered to sit on top of the range. Despite this, you can’t stop imagination, or at least not Theophilus Chin’s imagination.