Nissan GT-R gets a new update

Posted on Tuesday, 25 November 2014 , 05:11:39 byTheodora

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Nissan GT-R gets a new update

Any Nissan car is believed to be an important symbol of freedom, status and personal achievement. The Japanese company always keeps thinking of different ways to delight as many persons as possible. With their cars the power comes from the inside. The latest news coming from the brand is a special 2015 Nissan GT-R. And the word “special” truly defines the vehicle as it is specially created for the Japanese fans.

Japan, Nissan’s homeland is one of the places that host plenty of fans of the brand. Nissan first launched the R35 generation back in 2007. But despite this fact, the vehicle has suffered a lot of updates and keeps its fans alert. Once with the updates the price has also increased. Now, as a 2015 model year, Nissan offers a JDM GT-R which is mostly distinguished by updated dampers and ECU providing better cornering stability and steering feel.

Nissan thinks of every possible detail and if it doesn’t correspond anymore to its politics, it changes it. They have modified even the trunks carpet just to improve sound deadening. The manufacturer has also changed the run-flat Dunlop rubbers with revised material and inner structure that according to Nissan will provide the GT-R's a superior ride quality as well as more stability on the straight lines and tougher roads. In addition, the client can choose split-spoke RAYS alloys featuring a Hyper Blue Black chrome finish. This is one of the last touches on the R35 because the officials at Nissan have already announced the introduction of the R36 in a couple of years.

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