Askania supercar planned

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December 2014 , 16:12:47 byTheodora

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Askania supercar planned

The world of cars is one submitted to a continuous change. Each brand tries its best to keep up with fashion and create breathtaking models. In a field like this you would think that there are enough models and a newcomer in the branch must be crazy to even try to enter the field. However, Askania is a company that assures car lover they will have a surprise.

But where does Askania Design come from? That’s easy to find with a little bit of Geography knowledge. Askania is a biosphere sanctuary located in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine. A zoological park, a botanical garden and an open territory of virgin steppes make the surroundings of the reserve. So, probably inspired by this vegetation paradise, Askania Design chose this name as a proof for a future challenge.

The supercar Askania Design promises to have a mid-engine rear-wheel-drive architecture. It will feature two seats and a clean exterior design. Askania plans on starting an internet survey for choosing the name of their new supercar. The new supercar is going to be manufactured in the ZAZ factories, ZAZ being a pretty important Ukrainian car manufacturer. Hopefully the Ukrainian team will come out with something surprising!