BMW thinks of a Tesla Model S competitor

Posted on Tuesday, 16 December 2014 , 07:12:33 byTheodora

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BMW thinks of a Tesla Model S competitor

If you feel like having a great driving experience you have to get on board of a BMW. Sporting and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality characterizes the German company headquartered in Munich. BMW is for sure a modern brand with spectacular vehicles. So it clearly enters the modern trends of nowadays when electric and hybrid cars seem to have top priority. And with a little bit of patience we will enjoy a new BMW which is supposed to compete with Tesla Model S, but no sooner than 2018.

The new BMW will be called either i5 or i7 and it is very likely to be based on the long wheelbase 5 Series models that are specially destined for China. The future car might feature a front-mounted range-extending petrol engine and two electric motors. This setup will allow the vehicle to have front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Any other information keeps being a secret but it is said that the car will have an electric-only range of 80 miles (128 km).

The new BMW i5 or i7, the name remains to be clarified, will be publicly presented as a concept in 2017. It will definitely borrow some elements from the 6-Series Gran Coupe and the next generation 7-series.  If this gets to see the light, the corresponding price will be around $100,000 (€80,400 / £64,080). BMW will set as target to manufacture 30,000 units per year. But we’ll see if this becomes reality or not.

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