BMW X6 Lumma Design kit gets priced

Posted on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 , 10:12:18 byTheodora

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BMW X6 Lumma Design kit gets priced

If there is a brand that benefits of the tuning companies’ attention that certainly is BMW. The German cars have always been challenges for both the experienced and the beginners in the tuning field. However, this hasn’t stopped the guys at Lumma Design to create a tuning package that works with the BMW X6(F16), which they have priced at €32,924.

The ones who made public the price tag were not the guys at Lumma Design, but the ones at TopCar, the most famous Russian tuning company. They did it in the context of announcing the price of the installation of the kit in Russia, which by the way is two and a half times cheaper than in Germany. The BMW X6 gets a width increase by a total of 100mm and at the back it receives a carbon fiber diffuser flanking quad exhaust tips mounted in the center, as well as a vented carbon fiber hood, along with a roof-mounted spoiler and muscular side skirts.

Lumma Design also developed some engine upgrades. The twin-turbo V8 4.4-liter inside the X6 xDrive50i has been increased from 450 HP (330 kW) to 590 HP (434 kW). Torque was also raised from 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) to 850 Nm (627 lb-ft). In addition, the 155 mph (250 km/h) speed limiter can be removed to enable the unrestricted X6 to reach 183 mph (295 km/h).  Despite the fact that the engine upgrade part seems ok, the BMW's body receives a kind of an odd appearance.