Audi A8 5.5 specially designed for Japan

Posted on Wednesday, 1 April 2015 , 09:04:03 byTheodora

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Audi A8 5.5 specially designed for Japan

If you ever doubted the capacities of a car manufacturer when it comes to pleasing the fans, well Audi offers a true lesson of respect and innovation. The four rings brand has just introduced the Audi A8 5.5 in Japan and what it has so special is ... you wouldn’t guess in a lifetime, a built-in rice cooker.

The Audi A8 special edition created for Japan gets its name, 5.5 from 5(five) Go and 0.5(half) Han, which together form the term "gohan", which means, of course, rice in Japanese. The vehicle features a rear console-mounted rice cooker created especially for the full-size luxury sedan that becomes a master chef cooking the "perfect rice ever" thanks to its intense heat convection inside the Japanese rice cooking pot known as Hagama.

The Audi A8 5.5 is also equipped with an on-board touchscreen menu panel that allows the driver and his “guests” to choose from different cooking options while an Audi-branded rice paddle will come bundled but only for a limited amount of time. There is no word on pricing yet but Audi made clear the intentions of selling the A8 5.5 only in Japan.