2004 AC Schnitzer ACS4 based on BMW Z4 review and pictures

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AC Schnitzer ACS4 based on BMW Z4

Most people demand as high a standard from their car as they do from their life partners. Firstly it must have innumerable inner values - in a car of this class, you expect pure performance. Secondly it must also have an extremely attractive external appearance. When the two come together, things can quickly get serious. This happened to us with the Z4. But after love at first sight, the first doubts started to appear, and suggested improvements followed. So the AC Schnitzer specialists set out to develop true love on wheels: The AC Schnitzer ACS4.

For the power plant of the most powerful variant at present - the BMW Z4 3.0i - a performance upgrade is already "in the pipeline". A development achieved in close collaboration with the BMW Motorsport Team Schnitzer, Freilassing.

The power of the AC Schnitzer ACS4 is increased by supercharger technology. The heart of the upgrade is a turbine supercharger which thanks to its toothed belt drive allows almost noiseless running. Only in the upper speed ranges is the characteristic compressor note - totally desirably! - produced.
The geometric design of this supercharger means it only needs maximum 38.000 rpm to achieve a boost pressure of 0.35 bar at an engine speed of 6.500 rpm. This increases the output of the standard power plant to a stately 295 HP / 217 kW and brings the maximum torque up by 80 Nm.

Thanks to the excellent efficiency of the supercharger, there is no need for an extra charge cooler. The high-tech bearings are permanently lubricated via an autonomous, dedicated oil reservoir. This has the advantage of allowing the two oil circuits to work independently.

The scope of supply of the AC Schnitzer Compressor performance upgrade also includes the full stainless steel AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with chromed tailpipe trim in the new racing design, a modified control unit program and a carbon fibre valve cover. The performance upgrade is naturally also available for other vehicles with the M54 B30 engine.

Even without the engine tuning - for the BMW Z4 2.5 or 3.0i - we recommend fitting the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer which optimises gas flow and hence response behaviour. As a "smaller alternative" the tailpipe trim in racing design completes the package.

Faster and more precise gear changes promote the adrenalin surge and improve the car`s acceleration. So for the manual BMW Z4 3.0i we have adapted the AC Schnitzer Short Shift.

To ensure safe control over the driving power of the new BMW Z4 at all times, a special high performance brake kit for the front axle has been developed. The internally vented and slotted brake discs measure 334 millimetres in diameter and are 32 millimetres thick. The special calipers are fitted with two 42 mm diameter pistons. Naturally the standard ABS system is retained in full.

Our engineers also invested great efforts and their entire know-how from motorsport in developing the sports-safe suspension setting.

In extensive tests on race tracks and on public roads, a complete suspension concept has been developed which consists of the AC Schnitzer sports suspension, special anti-roll bar kit and the racing strut brace. The complete concept, the components of which can also be fitted individually, ensures sporting handling while retaining the high standard of driving comfort.

The suspension concept also includes the latest AC Schnitzer development in wheels: the light alloy wheel Type IV. The filigree rims in the new 5-spoke design are an excellent match for the elegant styling of the BMW Z4. Naturally their technical standards live up to their appearance: the new Type IV alloys were developed using highest quality materials and ultra-modern production techniques.
It is immediately available for the Z4 in the dimension 8,5J x 19" offset 43 (front) and offset 33 (rear) with tyres 235/35 R 19 (front / rear).

The AC Schnitzer wheels program with its successful predecessors Type II and Type III light alloy and racing wheels is of course also still the right choice. Especially for the Z4 roadster there are many different sizes available up to the dimension 8,5J x 19" offset 43 with tyres 235/35 R 19 for the front and 9,0J x 19" offset 37 with tyres 265/30 R 19 on the rear. We recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin.

The high technical standards we set for our products are also evident from the bodystyling of the AC Schnitzer ACS4 roadster. It was a particular challenge to pick up the styling of the Z4 roadster and continue its lines with subtle emphasis while retaining its discreet elegance.

The result is a made-to-measure outfit for the BMW Z4 roadster which fulfils all these attributes. The front part is enhanced by an exciting design of front spoiler attached to the standard front skirt. And it realises even more downforce on the front axle.
The smooth connection between the front and rear is created by the AC Schnitzer side skirts adapted to the contours of the Z4. The integrated cooling ducts also guide the air flow directly to the rear brakes.
Particularly eye-catching are the side-mounted deflectors with integral flashers for the indicators, which can be ordered with a chromeline set consisting of chromed ribs giving a totally new appearance. Matching to this, chromed covers for the standard roll over bars have been developed.

The two-piece rear wing, the triangular sections of which are mounted separately left and right on the boot, sets totally new accents. The overall appearance is rounded off by the new AC Schnitzer rear skirt, which not only harmoniously integrates the sports rear silencer into the rear end but at the same time gives the vehicle a far more powerful look.

Exclusivity is the watchword in the cockpit of the AC Schnitzer ACS4 roadster: as well as a silver carbon-fibre interior and an ergonomically designed AC Schnitzer airbag sports steering wheel, the accents are set by the aluminium accessories. Choose from the pedal set with matching footrest, the handbrake handle and - for manual models - matching gear knob. For automatics we have developed a carbon-fibre selector. To fulfil wishes for more sporty seats AC Schnitzer now offers the modification of the standard seats. They get an even new contour by upholstery so that driver and passenger have more lateral support.

Last but not least, foot mats are available in high quality velours with the AC Schnitzer logo.

The AC Schnitzer ACS4 is a thoroughbred roadster which combines all technical and aesthetic characteristics. On the track, cruising the country lanes or in the city - wherever you go, it`s at home.

Finally, AC Schnitzer offers tailor-made solutions in the field of traffic telematics which can be integrated optimally.

Naturally all components are T?V-tested and available from your BMW dealer.