2005 Acura Blaupunkt Acurabot review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 15 May 2006 , 16:05:40 byEmil

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Acura Blaupunkt Acurabot

The 2005 Acura Blaupunkt Acurabot had its public debut at the CES in Las Vegas, after having been completely rebuilt over a seven week period between November`s SEMA show and the January 7th start of CES. The car was first bought in 1998 by Tajai Das and it was a stock, non-VTEC Integra, LS. Since then, the Acurabot, has received three separate overhauls, each one of them delivering high levels of performance, sound and appearance. Edging out Blaupunkt`s acclaimed Evil-Z, the car won Best in Show awards across Canada and the Best Stereo Display at Hot Import Nights Chicago, by 2003. Das knew that his theme would be inspired from Transformers as it united his childhood toys with his obsession for cars and he loved when someone told him that the car brought childhood memories back. Its centerpiece shows a motorized replica of Optimus Prime, which is known as the leader of the Autobots in the transformers franchise. Das further stated that they had to be creative if they wanted to get everything finished in time. The result is a car that speaks for itself. Five Velocity VA2100 amplifiers in the rear seat enclosure drive the fullrange speakers and roof-mounted subwoofer, while the four rear-seat subwoofers are driven by two VA2200 amplifiers which are placed in the motorized chest of Optimus Prime. The striking interior features a total of 28 video monitors, three standalone Blaupunkt DVD players, an under-dash Sony Playstation 2, and two rearview cameras located in the eyes of the motorized Optimus Prime robot in the trunk. The BKS Custom shop, owned by Bernard Sandy, performed all the work on the project, being also responsible for the exterior fabrication, paint, clear and polish work. Simon Rowe of Rowe Tech installed the braking/suspension system, while all suspension system components are custom chromed. Alain Neverette of HTP engineering, developed the 2.0-liter B18B V-Tec conversion motor. Beginning with 2005, the Acurabot will be on tour throughout the US, with numerous stops at Vision Entertainment' Hot Import Nights enthusiast shows.