2006 Acura MD-X Concept review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 19 August 2006 , 04:08:41 byEmil

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Acura MD-X Concept

The Acura ?MD-X Concept? luxury SUV debuted at the 2006 New York International Auto Show featuring bold, sleek exterior styling indicative of the next generation MDX production model.

?Every aspect of the MD-X Concept design conveys performance and attitude while still retaining SUV functionality,? said John Mendel, senior vice president, auto operations. ?The styling signifies a bold direction for the next generation MDX, both in appearance and substance.?

The MD-X Concept is fashioned as a true driver?s SUV, with its low wide stance and aggressive design. Its sleek surface lines are modeled after a futuristic luxury yacht maneuvering through the ocean.

The MD-X Concept occupies the same footprint as the current MDX, but the wider track and longer wheelbase give the vehicle a more sporty, taut look. The side profile of the concept reveals a refined SUV with smooth chiseled lines and an elegant form. A dominant character line runs from the front quarter panel to the rear, evoking the feeling of forward movement. The sharply raked D-pillar creates a stealth, aerodynamic appearance while still retaining the third row seating functionality and cargo capacity of the current generation MDX.

The Concept sits low to the ground despite the large 20-inch five-spoke custom alloy wheels, while the large wheel arches and flares add to the Concept`s muscular appearance. The sleek cabin features flush mounted windshield glass, which improves aerodynamics while adding to the MD-X Concept`s smooth and flowing design.

?The smooth lines and sleek shape of the MD-X Concept challenge the conventions of SUV design,? said Ricky Hsu, chief designer for the MD-X Concept. ?By providing all the driving excitement of a sports sedan while still retaining the core functionality of the current generation MDX, we have created a sport vehicle that just so happens to provide unexpected utility.?

The front hood is accented with pronounced character lines culminating in an aggressive five-sided grille, which gives the MD-X its bold presence. The commanding front grille features a dominant center bar running through a solid aluminum face. The narrow, Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights appear to grow out of the massive grille, giving the overall front-end a strong, distinct look.

?The front end of the MD-X Concept communicates power and prestige,? explains Hsu. ?We want drivers to do a double-take and notice this SUV when it passes them on the road.?

In the rear, the MD-X Concept has an integrated rear hatch, which sits flush against the bumper to create a smooth, clean appearance. Elongated LED taillights wrap around the cargo hatch adding to the vehicles wide and low appearance. A rear spoiler improves aerodynamics while the integrated dual exhaust pipes add to the SUV?s sporty style.

The next generation MDX production model will be available this fall, bringing a whole new level of performance to the Acura light truck lineup. Track-tuned at the famed Nurburging in Germany, the all-new MDX will feature outstanding performance and handling. Equipped with a powerful, class leading V6 engine and coupled with Acura?s exclusive Super-Handling All Wheel Drive? (SH-AWD?), the next generation MDX will re-invent the luxury SUV segment much just as did when it first debuted in 2001.