2005 Acura TL A-Spec Concept 2005 review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 October 2006 , 02:10:38 byEmil

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Acura TL A-Spec Concept 2005

The 2005 Acura TL A-Spec Concept takes a step forward as related to performance accessory possibilities available for Acura's best-selling sedan. Widened by nearly two inches, this concept boasts a more muscular look due to its 21-inch alloy wheels, wide fender flares and high performance tires. A breathtaking visibility is provided by a panoramic glass roof which flows back along the length of the cockpit. An integrated spoiler was used to restyle the trunk lid, while the engineers also applied a new bumper that featured larger and high flow exhaust finishers. Output is raised to over 300 HP by the 3.2-liter V6 engine and the car is lowered by one inch thanks to the A-SPEC high performance suspension package featuring track-tuned shocks and springs. The driver gets driving excitement from the racing-inspired cockpit dressed in premium Matador Red leather. Center console with aluminum accents together with an ultra suede headliner, add to the stylish atmosphere of the interior. The list of safety features comprises Adaptive Cruise Control, while a rear-view camera fitted into the trunk lid, provides a rearview picture to the navigation screen when the vehicle is in reverse gear.