2005 Alfa Romeo 159 2.4J TDM review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 24 February 2006 , 11:02:13 byEmil

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Alfa Romeo 159 2.4J TDM

The newest Alfa Romeo car has the goal to replace a successful car, to create a model that overcomes all the previous ones.
Alfa 159 was created to replace Afla 156 and to mark the beginning of a new generation of cars. The "Alfa 159" is produced based on innovative design and a high performance and it is on top among sporting saloons.

Destined to become the new benchmark for sporting saloons, the latest creation from Alfa Romeo has an important mission: to replace a successful car (the 156) of which over 680 thousand units were produced. In other words, a model at the very top of the category, which we preview below.

The undoubted star of the Geneva International Motor Show, today sees the launch of the Alfa 159, destined to replace the old Alfa 156. The fruit of Alfa's long years of experience in the field of prestige sporting saloons, the Alfa 159 marks the birth of a new generation of cars. In particular, the 'Alfa 159' project uses innovative design methods, and an international team has managed (without stooping to compromise) to combine performance with hitherto seemingly irreconcilable goals - the utmost driving pleasure, high performance and distinctive style -with the very best performance in terms of safety, comfort and sturdiness. In other words, it leads the way among sporting saloons, with qualities stemming from a project that uses the most refined technologies: from the laser welding on the bodyshell to the wishbone suspension set-up, from the comprehensive electronic control systems to the Q4 four-wheel drive.