2006 ASC Cosmos Hummer H3 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 18 May 2006 , 09:05:31 byEmil

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ASC Cosmos Hummer H3

The Cosmos Hummer H3 was transformed into an incredible SUV thanks to an InfiniVu Fabric roof system. The model offers a lot of open-air iterations for the ones that seat in the front of the vehicle, but also for the ones in the back. Because of the D-pillar and its moving horizontal header, the new SUV provides the added benefit of pickup-truck like utility.

The Cosmos features an InfiniVu™ Fabric roof system, which transforms a HUMMER H3 into an SUV ready to take on the heavens as well as Earth.

Bi-directional, the between-the-roof-rails top slides either rearward toward the D-pillar or forward toward the A-pillar, or to any point in between, offering an infinite number of open-air iterations-for those in the rear of the vehicle as well as the front.

And, at the Dpillar the system features a moving horizontal header, which moves out of the way as the roof slides forward, providing the added benefit of pickup-truck-like utility.