2006 Concept Aston Martin Rapide review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 24 February 2006 , 11:02:12 byEmil

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Concept Aston Martin Rapide

The 2006 Concept Aston Martin Rapide provides great levels of driver feedback and involvement, adopting a restrained and massive character through its powerful reserves of torque and output which combine with a unique and refined interior.Based on Aston Martin's unique VH architecture, the eye-catching car model blends the company's commitment to power, beauty and soul with space and practicality for every eventuality. The Rapide appears as a uniquely personal machine, boasting an interior which proves the engineers' skilled workforce, meeting all the customers' requirements. The flexible architecture underpins the model line-up, while the ultra-production facilities offer a high degree of personalisation. Being a superlative performer, the Rapide delivers 480 HP due to its V12 engine, which is paired to a ZF Touchtronic gearbox, which perfectly adjusts the longer wheelbase and more refined ride. The callipers and carbon brakes are a premiere for Aston Martin and they ensure excellent stopping power and stability for the Rapide. Its chassis handles well amongst winding back roads, high-speed carriageways or mountain passes. Providing enough space for a golfing weekend for three in Scotland, the car was designed for everyday use, with an unrelenting power delivery. Actually, this is what Aston Martin truly means: elegance, innovation and power, boasting the 21st century design and engineering execution. The Rapide features its rich heritage and design DNA and it appears as a practical choice that is meant to show only true passion and emotion. The high-peformance sales environment is revolutionaside by the company's fast-expanding global dealership network, thus highlighting only the best in terms of modern design and architecture. The elegance of the rapide simply adds value to the DB9's undisputed elegance and subtle understatement, according to Dr Ulrich Bez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin. He added that their cars were meant to look beautiful from all angles and the four-door was very balanced with perfect proportions.