2004 Audi RS6 Plus review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 14 October 2006 , 02:10:24 byEmil

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Audi RS6 Plus

For 2004 Audi launched the ultimate sports version of the RS 6 developing 353 kW (480 bhp). The RS 6 plus is equipped with features echoing the world of motor sport and comes with new colour concepts.

With an output of 480 bhp, the RS 6 plus generates 30 bhp more than the standard Audi RS 6 version. The peak torque of 412 lb-ft is achieved across a range that now extends from 1950 rpm all the way up to 6000 rpm - in other words, the engine speed range across which this enormous traction is now available has been increased by a further 400 rpm.

The secret to this optimised performance is a new engine control unit. In order to maintain stable thermal conditions in the light of its uprated performance, the technical specialists from quattro GmbH have positioned two additional radiators behind the intercoolers.

The road performance is unequalled by any other model in the field of competitors: a mere 4.5 seconds elapse for the standard discipline of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph. The Audi RS 6 plus hits 124 mph in just 17.3 seconds.

Technology for the sports driver

The DRC suspension has already created a sensation on the Audi RS 6. DRC (Dynamic Ride Control) involves diagonally linked dampers with a central valve that reduces the rolling and pitching movements of the vehicle body by means of the damper characteristic, without the use of electronics.

Further specific features now underscore the professionalism and sports character of the Audi RS 6 plus. The Audi RS 6 plus has perforated brake discs; these are visible between the five arms of the larger 19-inch cast aluminium wheels.

Buyers of the RS 6 plus can in addition order sports suspension plus, at no extra charge. With variable damping, firmer spring/damper settings and a body 10 mm lower than the RS 6, its road behaviour and responsiveness are even more active and sporty.

A counterpressure-optimised sports exhaust system with matt black, oval tailpipes acts as a forceful mouthpiece for the lusty sound of the eight-cylinder engine. The trim strips and roof rails, likewise in matt black, outwardly visually underline its enhanced sportiness. Inside this car, aluminium pedals signal the special sports emphasis of the Audi RS 6 plus.

More equipment, more individuality

The new equipment concept is a major plus point. The Audi RS 6 plus has black natural leather seats and carbon fibre trim strips as standard. Customers can choose between all standard exterior colours of the RS 6 - or between the Blue, Silver and Black/Cognac packages that are available at no extra charge.

The Blue equipment package comprises the special colour Sprint Blue, pearl effect, for the body; the seats are in black leather with silver-coloured Alcantara centre sections. The blue threads in the carbon fibre inserts echo the body colour.

The Audi RS 6 plus with Silver package has the special body colour Silver, metallic, and the black leather seats contrast subtly with the Alcantara centre sections, which are also black. The matt brushed aluminium trim inserts provide a note of contrast here.

The Black/Cognac equipment package looks particularly stylish. The exclusive body colour of Ebony Black, pearl effect, harmonises perfectly with the trim strips in black piano finish. Cognac-coloured leather seats with black piping accentuate the interior.

Even the vehicle identification number emphasises the fact that the Audi RS 6 plus is something utterly special. Its last three digits are reproduced on a plaque inside the car, displayed on the centre console.