1981 Audi S1 Rally Group B 1981 - 1989 review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 12 November 2006 , 11:11:51 byEmil

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Audi S1 Rally Group B 1981 - 1989

The 1981 Audi S1 Rally Group B 1981-1989 was a car that managed to introduce the supercar world to the merits of four-wheel drive and won its second rally. Audi S1 Rally Group B is the first 4-wheel drive car in the Group B era. The S1 has rarely been driven in anger since the mid '80s and the present moment is aimed to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its introduction with the original car taken to the Audi museum. The priceless artefact could be admired still wearing the '85 tyres. Audi executives decided to close the road in order to provide more entertainment and one of the mechanics stated that they talked to the police and gave them cake and tea at the nearby hotel, thus obtaining the approval from the police to shut the road for ten minutes at a time. The turbocharged 2.1-liter engine produced an incredible power at its peak, over 600 bhp, but the driver should always want more. It's fascinating to watch the Audi pirouettes in action at a hairpin and Blomqvist tugs. Audi engineers were aware of the fact that the turbo spinning had to be kept and thus, they developed a way of injecting fuel into the exhaust system, creating a secondary explosion. Over two million quattro cars were sold worldwide and nowadays, the quattro models represent 30 percent of the company's UK sales.