1999 Audi S4 1999 review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 11 October 2006 , 09:10:49 byEmil

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Audi S4 1999

The 1999 Audi S4 is undoubtedly elegant and sporting with two small turbochargers that cut in smoothly when needed, thus proving what an S4 is capable of. The V6 engine gains new advantages embodied by a quicker response which leads to a high torque even at low engine speeds. Even more impressive, the charging efficiency is increased by the exhaust gas which loses less momentum thanks to the short distances between the turbocharger inlets and the cylinder exhaust ports. The efficient cooling of the charge air is vital to the forced aspiration principle, based on the reason that the cooled air reaches a higher engine efficiency. A tumbling motion in the mixture charge is created by the particular shape of the inlet ports, also ensuring a cleaner and more efficient combustion, while the torque curve is optimised by the intake camshafts for the two five-valve cylinder heads which are hydraulically adjustable. The handling was considerably improved through the use of the S4's aluminum suspension, while the permanent four-wheel drive together with the six-speed sports-ratio gearbox reliably convert the power of the V6 twin turbo. The active safety features of the Audi S4 comprise the anti-lock brake system and electronic brake-force distribution system, which make the S4 one of the strongest and safest cars on the road.