2007 BMW 3 Series - 335i Cabriolet Convertible review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 24 October 2006 , 05:10:56 byEmil

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BMW 3 Series - 335i Cabriolet Convertible

The 2007 BMW 3-Series 335i Cabriolet Convertible opens a new chapter in the history of the BMW Convertible and it is going to deliver the ultimate in refinement and performance through its numerous innovations. The German car model boasts the first electronically operated folding hard-top roof, being at the same time the world's first car offered with a brace of all-new powerplants and SunReflective seat cooling leather, which allows the owners to enjoy the warm weather and leave the roof down for long periods. The leather integrates special pigments which help reflect infra-red radiation, making the seats remain up to 20 degrees cooler as compared to normal, untreated leather. The rear seat backrests of the 3 Series Convertible can also be folded flat to provide additional storage space. The new roof can be stowed or raised in about 22 seconds and it adds security, an improved visibility by 38 per cent due to the larger rear glass windscreen, together with a greater feeling of space and light for occupants. The best blend of performance and economy is ensured by a choice of two petrol engines, both of them featuring the High-Precision Direct Injection Technology, which makes extensive use of the centrally-mounted piezo crystal injectors spraying atomised fuel vapour directly into the combustion chamber. This technology results in impressive performance figures of 218 HP and 270 Nm of torque, while the 62mph sprint is covered in 7.6 seconds and the top speed reaches 152mph. The combined consumption figure is of 35.8 mpg. While the new six-speed automatic transmission incorporating steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles is available as optional, both the 325i Convertible and the 335i Convertible are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. For those customers who prefer the enhanced economy of a diesel engine without wishing to lose any on-road performance the 231hp 330d Convertible is also offered, boasting 231 HP, 500 Nm of torque, a top speed of 152mph, 62mph dispatched in 7.1 seconds, as well as a combined consumption figure of 40.9mpg.