2004 Citroen C4 WRC Rally Sport review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 27 February 2006 , 08:02:14 byEmil

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Citroen C4 WRC Rally Sport

The 2004 Citroen C4 WRC Rally Sport was unveiled in Geneva as a concept car that was an expression of harmony and reflecting the renewed vitality of the famous brand and it represents the result of an efficient collaboration between the Citroen sport team and the Citroen stylists. The car model offers a futuristic vision of post-Xsara WRC competition cars, showing a bold stylistic development, without being constrained by the limitations of sporting regulations. Its strong personality and exciting character convey the pure and unique impression of sheer mechanical power. Clearly expressing the drive and energy incorporated by motor sport, the C4 Citroen Sport appears to be more distinctive than ever, combining the sharp angles of the rear window with the flowing lines of the roof panels and quarter lights. Excellent aerodynamic performance is ensured by the roof which extends right to the rear of the car, while the length of the roof as well as the sudden vertical drop at the rear, provide the C4 with a sporty, but stable, appearance. The very short rear overhang further enhances the impression of energy. The passenger compartment is described by a few additions for greater style and comfort and leather fittings, which are worthy of the most prestigious GT vehicles, embellish the usual composite materials. Furthermore, bucket seats and leather-covered door panels reach far beyond the boundaries of motor sports.