2005 Citroen C-AirPlay Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 27 February 2006 , 08:02:47 byEmil

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Citroen C-AirPlay Concept

Unveiled at the 2005 Bologna Motor Show, C-AirPlay is a fresh interpretation of a supermini designed for an active and dynamic lifestyle. The original body architecture features a curvy exterior with no sharp breaks in the design lines, and an uncluttered cabin that places the emphasis on driving sensations.

C-AirPlay brings the driver and passengers a new expression of driving pleasure based on physical and visual perceptions.

C-AirPlay is the result of exploratory studies in creative design and in-depth research into driving pleasure. It is a perfect fit with the Marque's styling references and its values.

C-AirPlay returns to the source of automotive pleasure, a pleasure born in movement and sensation rather than in sheer speed.
C-AirPlay is a concept-car of flowing design whose clean body lines and tall, strongly curved features create an impression of agility. The iridescent white bodywork bathes the whole car in light.

The compact lines, low height and strong on-road stance of C-AirPlay suggest dynamic driving pleasure.
The taut body lines express this concept-car's dynamic capacities. The broad air intakes are a statement of its determined character.

A car for everyday journeys, C-AirPlay is equipped with a 110 bhp petrol engine. A SensoDrive automated gearbox with short gear ratios creates dynamic and fun driving sensations that are further amplified by easy access to the steering-wheel mounted gear paddles.

As a good urban "citizen", C-AirPlay uses Stop & Start technology for low fuel consumption and emission levels.