2005 Ford FPV BF Pursuit review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 17 June 2006 , 09:06:21 byEmil

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Ford FPV BF Pursuit

290 kW of quad cam V8 power. Supercar-inspired front end design, 19" GT alloy wheels, twin chrome tailpipes and all-new Brembo front brakes are standard for the ultimate stopping power. Inside, there's plenty of room to move within the Pursuit Supercab. Settle into the contoured FPV Sports seats (driver's 4-way electrically adjustable) and view the FPV sports gauges featuring oil temperature and oil pressure readouts. Enjoy the Prestige 6 stack CD system and interior command centre, featuring TFT screen. For a V8 inspired look, optional FPV retro-style stripe package including the Boss 290 hood decal are available. Standard is an FPV soft tonneau cover with the option of an alloy Sports Bar. Also available is an optional hard tonneau with FPV rear spoiler or combination hard tonneau and Sports Bar. The BF Pursuit. Total Performance means business.

A two-door GT in everything but name. The ultimate expression of the coupe utility invented by Ford right here in Australia. This is the Ford Performance Vehicles Pursuit ute.

Developed from the most-popular line of Australian utilities with Ford's unique Supercab design and powered by the same Boss 290 kilowatt quad cam V8 engine as the GT.

The new frontal styling is shared with the GT, which is based on Ford V8 Supercar design cues. Note the aggressive air intake with its tri-slot splitter and the aggressive lower front fog lamps. All contribute to the low, wide, ground-hugging stance of the FPV Pursuit.

Sweeping rearwards, the side skirts lead you the aggressive 19", five spoke alloy wheels. The tub completes the Pursuit exterior design with a soft tonneau as standard with the options of an alloy Sports Bar, fully lockable hard tonneau with fixed full-wing spoiler or combination hard tonneau and Sports Bar.

This is the best of both worlds: the performance and dynamics of a GT combined with all the practicality only a ute can offer.

Comfort Inc. Total Performance also means total driving comfort. The FPV cabin has been designed to help drivers perform at their peak. Crucial information is conveyed to the driver in a millisecond. FPV designers have taken enormous care to ensure that all instrumentation is clearly visible. An example of this is the race-inspired sports gauges which display oil pressure and oil temperature.

But that's where the similarities between the Pursuit and race car end. The driver's seat is 4-way electrically adjustable and is finished in Le Mans cloth. Leather is optional. Both have suede feel bolsters, locating pads, and the FPV logo is now embroidered onto each seat in unique FPV silver stitching. The individually numbered Pursuit build plate is set in the centre console. Prestige sound is standard and features a 6-stack in-dash CD player.

The Boss 290 combines the best of both worlds, with race-bred power and everyday comfort. The awe-inspiring Boss 290 is a powerplant unlike any ever built in this country and comes to life on Australia's only current V8 production line.

The Boss 290 was developed right here in Australia by Ford Performance Vehicles for our unique requirements and to meet the rising demands of a new breed of Aussie V8 drivers.

Its 5.4-litre capacity, 32 valves and double overhead camshafts per bank work in concert to produce 290 kilowatts of power and a phenomenal 520 Newton metres of torque. So not only is there free-revving top-end power but a wall of torque at low speeds as well. In combination with the tuned stainless steel exhaust system, it produces the trademark rumble that lets you know you're driving a real, blue-blooded Aussie V8. It has a quality that clearly communicates who exactly owns the road.

At FPV, we believe that safety is a major part of Total Performance. As such, all FPVs are monitored by Ford's advanced Intelligent Safety System. This Ford-designed high-tech software activates appropriate responses to potentially harmful road, traffic and driver situations.

The system co-ordinates the release and synchronisation of dual-stage airbags, side airbags (sedans only) and front seat belt pre-tensioners to maximise driver and passenger protection in the event of a mishap. FPV's stringent safety measures also include superior braking and handling together with ABS and traction control, now available on all FPV models. The safest car, of course, is the car that helps you avoid an accident in the first place.