2005 Ford Mustang GT review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 30 July 2006 , 11:07:10 byEmil

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Ford Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang has been capturing hearts worldwide for years as it was the icon of American style and performance and the 2005 Ford Mustang GT is combining a fully modern architecture with a brawny engine and rear-wheel-drive excitement. The car's overall ride sophistication is provided by the modern body structure and a chassis system that comprise a three-link live axle with Panhard rod and advanced MacPherson struts. The drivers and the passengers receive the most efficient protection ever offered in a muscle car due to the Ford's Personal Safety System featuring passenger weight-sensing technology, available side air bags and a front structure designed for demanding offset impacts. The Ford Motor Company Personal Safety System system is designed to provide increased protection in many types of frontal crashes by analyzing crash factors and determining the proper response within milliseconds. The affordable price of $20,000 makes Mustang the best performance car made today. In terms of design, J Mays, Ford Motor Company group vice president, Design, informed that they were not simply designing a car, they were adding another chapter to an epic, giving birth to a car that was modern, legendary and unmistakeably Mustang. More room for driver and passengers is ensured by the six-inch wheelbase gain over the 2004 model and increased interior compartment width. Rear passengers also enjoy more legroom and shoulder room in their sculpted bucket seats.
Style and high-quality materials define the interior with authentic aluminum panels spanning the dashboard and prominent dual chrome-ringed gauges that cap an all-new technology, while the cabin's aluminum hardware accents add a look of technical precision.
Most frequently used controls are located within easy reach, including speed control buttons that are mounted on the steering wheel spokes. Mustang boasts an available appearance package that adds real aluminum panels across the width of the dashboard. These panels are horizontally ribbed, providing a tactile, as well as visual accent.
The 2005 Mustang GT is the first mainstream production Mustang to break into the 300-horsepower arena, a place formerly occupied only by legendary Cobra and Boss models, and also for the first time, Mustang is available with a five-speed automatic transmission. The 5R55S automatic provides a unique combination of off-the-line jump and remarkably good highway fuel economy.. Engine designers were able to use a higher compression ratio with regular 87-octane gasoline in order to maximize the energy used by every drop of fuel, thanks to the three-valve heads with VCT.