2006 Honda Civic 1.8GL Japanese Version review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 9 September 2006 , 08:09:26 byEmil

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Honda Civic 1.8GL Japanese Version

The Civic has always been a breakthrough vehicle, and cornerstone of the Honda brand. Each new generation has consistently set new standards in the automotive industry, embodying Honda innovation and creativity. In designing the all-new Civic, Honda engineers were determined to create a sedan that would deliver more in every aspect of automotive value, The new Civic is equipped with a next-generation, intelligent power train and the very finest in advanced Honda technology. The wide stance and one-motion profile give the Civic a distinctive, sporty presence, while inside, the furnishings are fine and the cockpit highly functional. The new Civic is designed to surround its occupants with sensuous quality and to provide a ride that everyone will enjoy and appreciate. And equipped with the new Honda Hybrid System, the new Civic Hybrid offers quality and performance along with exceptional fuel economy and low emissions. The Civic Hybrid will change the way the world looks at hybrid cars.

VTEC has evolved again. The Civic?s new engine introduces yet another improvement on Honda?s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control technology: an innovative new design that allows the engine to delay intake valve closure timing under low-load driving conditions. Valve control is complemented by a DBW (Drive By Wire) system that provides optimum throttle valve control, significantly reducing pumping losses, and delivering greater energy efficiency and a major improvement in fuel economy while cruising. The new engine achieves an all-new level of high-output, high-torque performance combined with outstanding fuel economy and low emissions.

The new Honda Hybrid System combines a newly developed 3-Stage i-VTEC engine with IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). The 3-Stage i-VTEC engine uses an intelligent VTEC system to provide three stages of valve timing?low-rpm, high-rpm, and cylinder idle mode?increasing the number of cylinders deactivated during cylinder idle mode from three to all four, to further reduce pumping losses. In addition to more power, the IMA system features increased battery capacity and a built-in air-conditioner inverter?all in a significantly smaller package. These improvements result in a 40% reduction in CO2*1, along with enhanced performance. System output has increased by around 20%*1, to achieve powerful driving performance on par with a 1.8-liter engine while improving fuel economy by 5%*2.
*1 Compared to the current Civic Hybrid system
*2 Compared to the current Civic Hybrid system when driven in 10-15 mode

With its advanced look, the exterior design sets the new Civic sedan apart. The windshield has been pushed forward to achieve a cab-forward, single-motion profile, creating a compact cabin while accentuating the front fenders and protruding rear deck. The result is a form rich in three-dimensional contours that emphasizes the independence of the cabin while at the same time imparting a feeling of dynamic solidity.

The cockpit?s most prominent feature is its multi-tier instrument display. The speedometer and other vital information are displayed on the upper tier, while the tachometer and other support information are displayed on the lower tier, for a refreshingly simple driver interface.