2005 Honda Sports 4 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 5 May 2006 , 20:05:42 byEmil

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Honda Sports 4 Concept

Honda has always led the way in sports performance. The Sports 4 Concept is our vision of a sports car of the future, a vehicle that allows anyone, not just expert drivers, to experience the excitement of driving a high-performance automobile. And we want to ensure that all those in the vehicle can share in the fun. We chose a mid-size body to strike the ideal balance between superior driving performance and spacious comfort. We then equipped it with Honda,s original Super Handling All-Wheel Drive technology, which dynamically allocates torque to all four wheels for enhanced cornering performance, delivering superior driving stability and handling. In the cockpit, the switches and instruments are laid out for at-a-glance recognition and intuitive control, while four independent bucket seats create an environment in which not only the driver but also the passengers can savor the thrill of the ride. The Sports 4 Concept makes sporty performance freer and accessible for all.

Keen-edged, dynamic styling breaks new ground in sports car design.

The exterior design contrasts sharp lines with generous surfaces in a low center-of-gravity, low-inertia body. The result is a sports car design that combines sharpness with elegance.

The next-generation sports cockpit delivers at-a-glance recognition and intuitive control.

All the displays and controls, including the Intelligent Night Vision pop-up display that opens and closes in response to changes in ambient light, are designed for instant recognition and intuitive control. Metal, wood, leather, and other fine materials are combined as to appear sculpted from a single form, creating a classy yet adventurous, sporty design.

Four independent sports seats and personal sky roofs for all four occupants.

The Sports 4 Concept features independent bucket seats for each occupant. Electrically controlled personal sky roofs with separate controls for each seat open wide to let everyone enjoy the thrilling feel of riding in a sports convertible.

SH-AWD: world's-first technology redefines the fun of the drive.

In accordance with driver input and driving conditions, the SH-AWD System distributes torque between the front and rear wheels within a range of 70:30 and 30:70, while at the same time controlling torque distribution to the two rear wheels within a range of 100:0 and 0:100. The system continuously varies torque distribution to all four wheels to maintain optimal traction in all conditions, achieving superior driving stability, and handling that responds faithfully to the driver's command.