2006 Honda Sports 4 Concept 2006 review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 27 October 2006 , 04:10:16 byEmil

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Honda Sports 4 Concept 2006

Honda has unveiled a next-generation sports sedan concept car at Sydney's Australian International Motor Show.

The Honda Sports 4 Concept points the way to future Honda sports sedans, featuring a sleek, bold exterior with a low-center of gravity and low inertia body.

On the inside is a sports cockpit with futuristic controls laid out for instant "at a glance" recognition and intuitive information displays. The interior is sculpted as a "one form" design from metal, wood and leather.

The Sports 4 features Honda's renowned Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system coupled with a five-speed sequential shift automatic transmission for outstanding driving pleasure.

The four wheel double-wishbone suspension continues the best traditions of Honda's sports cars to deliver exceptional road-holding ability.

The four occupants have individual bucket seats and personal "skyroofs" operated from controls on their seats.

Also featuring on Honda's stand this year is a limited-edition Accord VTi with leather seats, leather steering wheels, front fog lights, rear parking sensors, power steering wheel and metallic paint.

A new feature of the Honda stand is a dedicated F1 section complete with a wall mounted, full size F1 car.